Pedro Ayerza.

Pedro Ayerza, a successful photographer based in Argentina, came to Milqy to explore creating a strong, modern and impactful brand identity, website and marketing strategy that would increase his visibility and ultimately his sales. The process included creating a brand that connected him to his clients while making people know him. New head shots and a contemporary approach to his new website has set Pedro apart from his competition. When Pedro arrived Milqy one of our designers said: “Personal branding should be an authentic representation of who you are and what you stand for. Professional photography can tell your story and help you stand apart from your competitors. After all, it is all about you!”. This quote inspired us a lot along the website development and branding process.
Web Development, Digital Marketing



The challenge was to create a brand and website that would speak to her unique and diverse qualities as well as showcase his portfolio to future clients and make him more famous. Furthermore, Pedro was looking for a revamp in the design and user experience for the portfolio section of his website. He wanted to update its look and feel to reinforce his presence as a modern, progressive brand in the digital landscape. We were asked to explore and redefine the clients vision of being “only another photographer” by putting the user at the center of the experience.


Pedro’s overall goal was to increase revenue through improved lead generation from his new website. So, marketing campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

Driving organic traffic

This meant increasing search engine rankings for a higher volume of keywords. By doing this, those searching the web (via search engines like Google) for autoclave-related information would naturally and effortlessly discover Pedro Ayerza website.

Getting more website visitors that then turn into clients

This meant increasing the number of website form submissions and the volume of web-driven telephone inquiries. Each of these submissions or inquiries would equal a new lead for Pedro Ayerza and the opportunity to close a sale and gain a customer.


After a week of research we ditched everything we had and started to study the the new branding and website development method and focusing on finding the problems. What were the branding directions? What was the problem we wanted to solve? Who were the clients? What is the target market? We came up with a few ideas which we decided to validate. We created a few problems and gains which we rated based on approach, interest and time of clients. To validate our ideas we created online surveys and participated in different forums and community channels, which topics were in accordance to our main idea. We also validated our hypothesis by getting out of the building, asking anonymously individuals questions that could give us better insights.

website and branding

The very first step was to design and build Pedro`s website in order to provide a more intuitive experience for website visitors. Strategically, this new design and functionality would more intuitively help users evaluate Pedro´s offerings and see his latest projects. In doing so, users would be encouraged to contact Pedro and become a lead. Additionally, the new website was built to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, grounded in comprehensive keyword research and analysis.

keyword research

Upon initial keyword research, Milqy uncovered over 250 target keyword opportunities; in other words, chances to capture people using search engines to answer their autoclave questions, be it sales, service or otherwise. This was crucial, as competitors were outranking Pedro for many of the highest valued keywords. Using multiple keyword research and analysis tools, Milqy was able to identify which high value keywords would drive the most traffic and which represented the most relevant and valued website visitors, i.e., those who were searching for a photographer for their birthday, marriage, etc.

marketing strategies

Like many freelancer, Pedro had a distinct sales offering for its five key target demographics. Each audience had different pain points, and each has unique motivations for purchase. To satisfy each audience, Milqy crafted a content strategy that provided each audience with topics they would find helpful and engaging. While implementing a content strategy is crucial, it will not amount to much if it is not repeatable and everyone is not on board. Together, Milqy and Pedro embarked on a comprehensive content strategy, which included blogging on a weekly basis, social media posting on a daily basis, creating a new video, writing a helpful eBook, recording a webinar, and running multiple, targeted email marketing campaigns.

kind words

“After searching for almost 2 years for a company that could provide me with all my marketing solutions, I came across Milqy. They turned out to be a one stop solution for all my requirements, starting with Re-branding myself, Website design, On-line marketing, and always coming up with very creative advertising ideas. I highly recommend Milqy to anyone who is looking for a reliable, talented and hard working team of marketing professionals.”