Mrs. Limousine.

Mrs. Limousine is a unique combination of a millionaire business and a simple start-up that’s taking a fresh, hands-on approach to living with luxury with its limousine´s service. The founding partners have many impressive product launches under their belts and they’ve seen first hand the places where start-ups fail. They founded Mrs. Limousine with the goal of being part of the start-ups that succeed and to remove the typical operation of traveling with your own car or public transport to start traveling on an extraordinary and enviable limousine. They also wanted to get involved, not just with money but with their time and their expertise. They wanted not only to hire a driver team for their company but also to form part of the drivers team of their company. The entire company was designed to enable, enhance and foster luxury and help people live a new life of extravagances.
Logo Design, Web Development, Branding



The clients saw a problem in businessman lives; They feel always stressed. They have too much on their plate, deadlines are looming, people are counting on them, and to top it all off, they still have holiday shopping to do. They are under a lot of pressure – so much that at times, they suspect the quality of their work suffers for it. They find their self forgetting things, their thinking lacks clarity, and their creative juices refuse to flow. So, the goal was to create a limousine service where businessman could remove their stress and where their time was valued. The idea then expanded from there.


To create more clear definition of what they want to build we did a market research of current competitors. We gathered data and analyzed their user experience, finding their weaknesses and their strengths. We also quickly mockuped a few user personas and flows, and looked for services on the market that were offering similar things. User research helped us understand our potential clients, the terminology they see, how their stress affect their work, how they currently travel and what opportunities exist for better supporting their trips.


Our process started with research; unveiling the real problem that we need to solve and getting more of a sense of what clients needs and wants. A helpful resource was a study with very meaningful data, saying that each week businessman loose 30% of their time traveling from one place to another which also don’t let them perform every task they assigned for that week.

branding process

The name Mrs. Limousine set the tone for the type of brand we wanted to create. While the offering was unique, it was Mrs. Limousine’s approach that really set them apart. We focused on their deep expertise and their belief that luxury should be part of the process. We infused that spirit into every aspect of their brand expression, making sure to distance the brand from the typical look, feel, and rhetoric of venture capital. Our strategy focused on the promise of making tomorrow happen and having a little fun along the way.

the end.

For Mrs. Limousine, the work proved to be transformative. "Working with Milqy was an eye-opening and refreshing experience," said Daniel Hetch, co-founder of Mrs. Limousine. "The result of the work that was done with Milqy on the company was a game-changer that challenged the traditional definition of the design and experience received from travelling in limousines.”