Echale Chile!.

In the highly competitive Mexican food space, “Echale Chile!” had historically used its low $5 price point to keep traffic coming through the door. However, waning customer confidence in the product eventually led to a plateau in sales. As it prepared to roll out a host of improvements, Echale Chile! looked to Milqy to trumpet these new changes and help usher a brand transformation into an all-new Echale Chile! Here’s how we helped this awesome restaurant of Nuevo México, USA, restore its connection and reposition its brand to both loyal and lapsed customers. Spoiler: Now, it is one of the USA’s leading Mexican food restaurant with thousands of stores across the country.
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For most of its existence, Echale Chile! stood alone as the super cheap Mexican restaurant. Milqy helped expand and change that position over a 8-month period that saw Echale Chile! grow from the blankets of Nuevo México to become an international Mexican Food restaurant. But, as the competition caught wind of an opportunity, a slew of rivals soon burst on the scene to spark a price war. Along this 8 months we helped Echale Chile! change category leadership with its highest-ever market share, while upholding a premium price point in the midst of a price war.


Studies had shown that Echale Chile! sales had stagnated, because “value” is about more than just cost. For restaurant guests, value equals great food at a great price. Echale Chile! needed to restore consumers’ trust that it still delivered on both ends of that promise. But there was a still a problem. Explosive category growth and a slew of new competitors led to widespread commoditization, sparking a premium Mexican Restaurant price war. As the lowest category leader, Echale Chile!needed to scale their business but set a different position that would make them stand apart from its challengers.


Big operational changes presented an opportunity to create a deeper emotional connection with guests. With an impending leap forward in food improvements, the Echale Chile! buffet had the potential to symbolize the brand’s commitment to its customers and the everyday values it shares with them.


Our solution was Better. Believe it., an integrated broadcast and digital campaign aimed towards re-establishing Echale Chile!’s stature as a favorite. This integrated campaign was designed to drive repeat visits for both current and lapsed guests by celebrating Echale Chile!’s decision to meet consumer demand for a better product.

Social Media: Speaking to Emotions

Early social communications gained insight into guest sentiment around Echale Chile! menu items and ingredients. The Better. Believe It. broadcast TV spot drove awareness around key improvements to Echale Chile!’s menu nationwide. Digital display advertising extended message frequency, keeping ingredient improvements top of mind. Social content and communications continue to highlight individual ingredients, making Echale Chile!’s craveable at mealtime day-parts.

Branding: Expressing Principles Through Iconography

The Echale Chile! campaign was based on 3 simple truths that weave together the restaurant new beliefs, practices and products with clear messaging and simple iconography. These concepts were: “Quality”, “Delicious”, “Only the best”. These truths were communicated on the product label, at events and across digital media to demonstrate that Echale Chile! was not just selling what’s inside their food, but the philosophy that goes into them as well.

the other strategy

From the start, local SEO was the priority and a great opportunity to grow the business. Search results for the terms that are important in Food & Local Retail have become focused on providing local-based results in the last few years, ensuring that the site was appropriately targeted to local regions. This involved creating new store landing pages with unique content designed to accurately reflect the store offering in a local context, providing better relevancy for semantic search. In addition, accuracy of information across the web is vital for local trust so we reviewed the entire Google My Business account for every local store. If we noticed any relevant information was missing or incorrect for any of the stores, this was updated. The local SEO strategy was ongoing during the 8 months of work and now they are continuing it alongside a standard SEO strategy – helping the site go from strength to strength.


Our integrated Better. Believe it., campaign helped Echale Chile achieve a sustained boost in sales where previous campaign efforts had merely provided spikes, setting the table for our successful digital extension of Echale Chile! 360 rebrand campaign. Transforming Echale Chile! from a low category cheap restaurant with poor quality into a cutting-edge digitally-led brand helped lift its market share to an all-time high, without ever lowering its premium price point.