Bique is a beautiful countdown website to its e-commerce launch. Bycicles are important, they're the vehicle in life that matter the most. Whether it's a BMX, a mountain bike or just a city bike, Bique´s e-commerce will help you to sell that old bicycle you do not want to see anymore and buy a new one. The project began when we got contacted by a client from UK, who searched for a skilled and professional creative agency. The clients plan was to work on the website as side project, but through the development process it became more than that.
Graphic Design, Web Development, Branding



Like all of our projects, our goal from the start was to align ourselves with who Bique is as a brand and to identify opportunities we could leverage to better express their positioning. To do this, we set ourselves up as an extension of their team and conducted research and working sessions to define key considerations. One of the key insights we identified during our discovery was that their current website and the user experience didn’t do a good job delivering the “sell-enthusiasm” to users. We felt this could be greatly improved and focused on it while defining our strategy.


The Inspiration Phase of the project was intense, with scores of interviews needed to understand all facets of the design challenge. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” says team member and once Albert Einstein. After some days of talking with bicycle experts, shadowing a bicycle system, digging into the history of bicycles in New York, we had key insights about what the Bique brand should look like and how its countdown website should look like.


After market research and competitors analysis we found that there are few similar e-commerce, that provide the same functionality, but they all offer very complex and buggy solutions. The clients main idea was to create a countdown website that would stand out, by creating a great user centric oriented experiences and meet the user expectations. The main idea was to create what is called hype (when someone gets excited about something).


We started with branding of Bique. We designed three logo alternatives so that the client could choose between them and decide the one he liked the most. This was difficult. He love the three of them. Finally, he decided the most minimalistic logo of the three. The main colour was decided by the client: black. After the business card and some other things were finalized by out team of designers, we took over of the last part of the project: Creating, designing and developing a landing page. Our main goal was to create a simple and valuable landing page experience: Explaining Bique purpose in a tagline, describing the business functionalities and generate hype in people. Because of the short time period and the resources we had, we didn't perform any A/B testing or analyzing any other webpage statistics. We guess there is still room left for a lot of improvements. The whole process of the website was made out of sketching, wire framing, designing, providing the content and developing the website.

branding and website

the end.

The new Bique countdown website was built with each detail that matter. Our whole agency bid farewell Bique team until our next adventure together. Because in the future there will be more things to design, more marketing needed to grow and more maintenance of their future e-commerce.