Alvaro Valdes.

Alvaro Valdes is a Colombia-based fashion designer for jet set luxury, designing handbags, watches, shoes, men and women clothing and more. Most of the time, if you are about to hire a fashion designer, you always check it out online, to see reviews, his website and so on. In our case, we landed on Alvaro´s landing page, which seemed very outdated a for our taste, and could use some improvements.
Web Development, Digital Strategy



When Alvaro contact us, his website prove that he needed some re-design, starting from the UX point. Based on the statistics he told us (number of clients who find him by the website, engagement factor, retention and many other factors) and data that was collected, we were showed that the overall website success rate was very low.


Alvaro Valdes is an inspiration for our agency; adding so much details and effort into fashion photography by providing unique views and looks of his products. When we conducted the user research of an existing product, we learned more about our user characteristics, needs, desires and preferences. We were also able to assess how well are we meeting user needs by ascertaining their perceptions of our current product and determine how usable it is. We tried to find what are current users pain points, so we could fix them. We also measured the successes and fails of some certain tasks performed by the users. The overall success rate was 20%, what was a clear indicator that the quality of the user experience was very bad and needed to be rebuild.


As a design and marketing challenge, we researched, ideated, created wireframes, prototyped and visually designed the new website. Based on the research we had from the version one, a user research has provided us with better understanding the user's needs and motivations, so that we could develop a website that they truly love.


Once we created the wireframes we created a prototype to simulate the navigation and gestures. It's a quick and dirty way to test and validate a website before design and development. For prototyping we used an online tool, called InVision: The client uses the tool for remote usability testing with potential users to see, if what we were building, actually worked as the intended final product. Feedback, provided by the test users, helped us to regroup and iterate over the wireframes to improve the user experience. After a long preparation period, we’ve focused on design. It took us a week to create all the designs which represented a well-thought-out UX. And it took the developer team 2 weeks to create the website with its animations and all the details.



Based on our understanding of audience desires and the objectives of Alvaro´s brand, we defined a strategy for his website that would turn his personal brand into a digital destination that seamlessly integrates content and clothes. This strategy was driven by the shared values and interests we found between his personal brand and his consumers. Alvaro created great content and their consumers wanted great content. Along with this, Valdes wanted to sell the experience of “living in clothes” and their consumers want to buy experiences. Below are the key strategy pillars we considered when defining our strategy:

Facilitate Discovery & Establish Positioning

In a digital world that lacks differentiation, brands must find unique ways to position themselves. They must facilitate the discovery of their values, offerings and culture as well as enable consumers to find and purchase products on their terms through a delightful and unique branded experience. For Alvaro Valdes, we felt their brand was set up to do this perfectly and we built our strategy around doing so.

Tell Stories & Provide Users Context

Stories motivate clients and when stories are aligned with products, it helps consumers envision how the product will impact their reality. Immersive content that articulates the brand as well as provides context to the product can transform something typical into an engaging experience. This is exactly what we wanted to do for Alvaro. We wanted to make his personal brand more engaging in an effort to convert browsers into buyers.

Improve Product Presentation

Brands must think about how their consumer wants to engage with their product and what those expectations are when doing so. Product presentation is extremely important and when it comes to the web, brands need to articulate a substantial reason for a consumer to consider them. With this in mind, we brought video, photo, and editorial content together to express each product in a unique way that aligns with the desires of their consumer and meets their needs.

the end.

Alvaro´ website was developed to the stage where it is more functional and usable, and provides a great visual experience. The combination of content and clothes attracted many clients and since then Alvaro started to grow his business. His landing page optimized SEO make clients arrived him and find a world of well-design clothes. Now he is not only a fashion designer but an entreprenuer.